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Production and sale of Parmigiano Reggiano

"It is not manufactured, it is made" a slogan that tells the truth.

It is not an advertising gimmick, it is actually true! Parmigiano-Reggiano is made every day by many cheese masters who turn milk into cheese. Certainly, the milk processed is a special kind of milk, coming from cows fed in a certain way and this does facilitate the cheese masters’ task, but it does not make it easy. Cheese masters really make cheese using their hands and heads. It is their decisions that determine the cheese quality. They decide how long the evening milk should rest to let the cream rise, they decide how much fermented whey and how much rennet should be used, they supervise the cooking stage to check the degree of dehydration of the curd grains by touching them with their hands.

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The Dairy

Our cheese comes from better milk

Its unique and inimitable taste is the return from a long journey through nine centuries of history, passing through a fertile countryside stretching from the Apennines to the river Po.


Producto excelente, el problema es que no va a durar nada en casa, es como las pipas, empiezas y hasta que no acabas no puedes parar. El transporte rápido, salió el lunes y el miércoles ya lo tenía en casa. El paquete, muy bien embalado, en una caja de poriexpán con una especie de hielo sintético que mantenía la temperatura, es decir, aquí llegó que todavía se notaba frío dentro y eso que estamos a finales de agosto. Recomendable: 100% Lo recomendaré a mis amigos y familia.

Tony, Barcelona, Spain

It is so good! So Fresh! Would like to order another piece of Parmagiano Reggiano and have it sent to a family member

Aisha, Spring Hill, Florida